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10 Clothing Hacks That All Women Need To Know

Heading for last minute meeting but your clothes are stuck with nasty stuff? Keep the frustration aside as we are here to help you with these amazing clothing hacks so that you will always look good for your meetings and dates!

Here are our top 10 clothing hacks that are guaranteed to blow your mind!

Neck measurement

To know if this part of denim will fit you well without trying them on, all you need to do is take the waist of the denim and fit it around your whole neck. It has been proven that the circumference of your neck is more than your waist. So the next time when you are out shopping but there isn’t any fitting room for you, try this hack!

Get rid of pilling using a razor

If you discover that there are annoying pilling onto your clothes, use an old razor to shave them away. It’s very easy but be careful not to cut through your clothes.

Dish soap will remove oil stains

Squeeze some dish washing soap to remove the oil stain on your clothes. This hack is a life and money saver if you accidentally dropped some oily food on your shirt during a meal.

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Eliminate wrinkles fast with your dryer

If you are in a morning rush to work and don’t feel like taking out your ironing board to iron your wrinkled clothes, just throw your clothes into the dryer while you are showering. When you are done, your clothes will be totally wrinkle-free, smells fresh and warm!

Use a hair straightener to iron your collar

Use a hair straightener to iron down you collar! It is so easy and works quickly!

Shaving cream removes makeup stains

Makeup stains ruining your favourite clothes? By applying shaving cream onto the make-up stain before throwing it into the washing machine, it will help to remove the stains easily.

Panty-liner to block sweat stains

This may sound funny, but it works 100%. Place a panty-liner to the underarm, you will be safe from those awkward sweat discolorations! Just make sure you wear a white top so that nobody can see the panty-liner through the shirt.

Reduce the size of your butt

Did you know that if you wear a pair of denim with huge pockets, your butt will look smaller? So, if you want your butt to look larger and perkier, consider denim with either no pockets or smaller sized pockets.

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Use a tape on a bracelet

Putting on a bracelet on your own can be very discouraging as it will just keep falling off your wrist due to there is nothing holding on the other side down. By using a piece of tape, it will help to hold the top of the bracelet down so that you can easily connect the bracelet together.

Use a paper clip to zip up your dress

Can’t reach the zipper at the back of your dress? Need someone to help you with it? Simply connect a long piece of string to a paper clip and connect the paper clip to the zipper. After which, pull the string and you are done!