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10 Things That Will Happen To Earth If We Vanish Suddenly

Video speculates on how Earth will cope without humans.

Everything that we, humans, have built, believe and dreams will be gone. We will be like dinosaurs, just extinct. The entire human race went extinct can be due to poisoning, a nuclear or unforeseen virus killed us all.

So, what would happen to Earth if all humans suddenly vanished? This is the type of question which will get you thinking. What will happen to our infrastructures, our gardens or even our pets?

Last year, Mind Warehouse has done a short video of what will happen to our Earth in the first few hours to several years. Some events are predictable but some are little more disturbing.

Here are the 10 things that will happen to earth if we varnish.

1. Few hours after humans disappear on Earth, lights around the world will shut down. This is due to no human will maintain the power stations.

2. In about 10 days, farm animals and pets will be dead due to dehydration and starvation.

3. A few weeks later, there will be no more adorable and small dogs because they are hunted by bigger dogs.

4. In a month later, the cooling water in nuclear power plants will evaporate and lead to a series of explosions much disastrous than the Fukushima and Chernobyl incidents.

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5. A year later, thousands of objects we have put in the Earth’s orbit in space will come crashing down.

6. About 25 years later after the extinction of human race, 75% of our city streets will be covered in vegetation.

7. Dessert cities such as Las Vegas and Dubai will eventually be covered by sand as “the desert takes what belongs to it.”

8. 300 years later, metal constructions such as the Eiffel Tower and steel bridges will start to corrode and collapsed.

9. Swamps will start to cover our lands again.

10. After 10,000 years, the only evidence of the human race will be the buildings which can last several hundred thousand years more.