16 Cutest Animals That Are Going To Extinct

Although researchers estimate that there could be about 30 million types of animals on earth, a variety of these animals are at the edge of extinction. Killed for meat, fur and for other exotic materials, the federal governments around the globe are cracking down on poaching and prohibited hunting practices. These are the 16 most critically endangered animals on our planet, Regardless if they are going to eat us or not, we want to cuddle them all instead of seeing them wiped out.

Amur Leopard

Based upon recent census data, there are just 69 of these leopards in the wild. They have been over poached for their fur, and their prey is often poached, leaving them without any food to feed themselves.

Black Rhino

Black rhinos have actually been eliminated by European inhabitants during the early 20th century. They are the oldest group of mammals, however between 1970 and 1992, 96% of Africa’s black rhinos were killed for their horns.

Hawksbill Turtle

Their shells are offered for a high price because of how their beautiful colours. They are often referred to as “tortoiseshell” in markets. They have actually existed on Earth for 100 million years and humans are messing up everything.

Cross River Gorilla

They’re exceptionally afraid of human beings, so it is difficult to study these gorillas. It is thought that there are only 200 to 300 left in the wild. Their habitat has been taken over by humans.

Javan Rhino

They are the most threatened of the 5 rhino types. There are just 35 of them making it through in a National Park in Indonesia, which is vulnerable to tsunamis. A volcano nearby could blow up and wipe them all out.

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Sumatran Elephant

Half of its population has actually been lost in one generation, due to environmental loss. As the Sumatran Elephants are losing their homes to people, they tend to injured humans or damage their homes when these elephants come in contact with them. Due to this, humans eliminate and poison these elephants.

South China Tiger

In the early 1950s, there were 4,000 of these South China Tiger. By 1996, the population was approximated to be 30-80. They are thought to be “extinct” as none have been spotted in the wild for more than 25 years.


Vaquita is the world’s rarest marine mammal, and it’s on the edge of extinction. The little cetacean is often captured by illegal fishing operations. More than half of the population has actually been lost in the last 3 years. Tody, there are fewer than 100 in the wild.


When terrified, the Pangolin can wrap itself in a tight ball and make use of its strong scales as armor. They are considered to be the most trafficked animal worldwide. Their meat is thought to be special and the scales are used in traditional medicine. In between 2011 and 2013, it is estimated that 116,990-233,980 were killed.


They are called the Asian unicorn and little is known about them. Researchers have documented them in the wild on only four events to date.

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Mountain Gorilla

Due to years of unrest in their natural environment, the mountain gorillas are forced to leave their home and stay on the elevated ground. Therefore, these animals have to withstand the cold for a long time period. Although they have thick furs, the change in their habitat has proved to be fatal to them.

Leatherback Turtle

They’re so huge! It’s like a dinosaur! Instead of a tough shell, their backs are more like leather, thus the name. These guys cross the Atlantic and Pacific while some travel from the Coral Triangle all the way to California to snack on jellyfish.

Sumatran Orangutan

These orangutans practically never leave their trees, except for food. Their houses are being damaged by human beings and some are caught as pets.

Sumatran Rhino

They’re the smallest living rhinos covered with long hair. The demand for rhino horns by humans have actually slaughtered their numbers and America’s demand for palm oil has ruined their environment.

Western Lowland Gorilla

Due to the fact of poaching and disease like Ebola, the gorilla’s numbers have declined more than 60% over the last 20 years.

Yangtze Finless Porpoise

The Yangtze River, the longest river in Asia, used to house two species of dolphins, the Yangtze finless porpoise and the Baiji dolphin. In 2006, the Baiji dolphin was declared functionally extinct. This is the very first time in history that an entire type of dolphin was eliminated by human activity. The Yangtze finless cetacean is understood for its naughty smile and intelligence, comparable to a gorilla.