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5,000 Sea Creatures Freezes In Japan Theme Park

Japan has actually faced its share of controversy regarding its mistreatment of sea life. Just three years ago, researchers provided a declaration denouncing the approach of killing used by dolphin hunters in Taiji, Japan. Regrettably, the hunt is still allowed with the Japanese government setting a kill quota of 1,820 dolphins and capture quota of 150 live animals for the 2016-17 season, which ranges from September to March.

The present controversy is scarier. “Space World”, an amusement park situated in Yahatahigashi-ku, Kitakyūshū, Japan, has actually issued a public apology after visitors flooded the social networks with grievances about its most current tourist attraction, the “Freezing Port”. This is a skating rink featuring roughly 5,000 sea animals frozen under the rink.

The general public’s response to the rink, which opened on November 12, has actually been completely unfavourable. The public wants the leading park manager, Toshimi Takeda, to thaw the rink, eliminate the dead aqua life and hold a memorial service with a Shinto priest for the animals.

Space World spokesperson, Koji Shibata, told news firms that the fish were bought dead and were considered unfit to be sold in markets as they were not frozen live.

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