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6 Surprising Uses Of Banana Peel

Everyone understands how beneficial bananas are to our health. However, few of us understand that banana peel is also equally beneficial to us.

In some countries like India, individuals do not throw the banana skin away after eating the banana. The reason because it has nutritional advantages and practice lasts for several years.

Here are the best ways to use the banana peel:

Teeth bleaching

Take the banana peel and rub its inner side onto your teeth. Do this for 2 weeks, every day. Soon, you will see the great results.


When it comes to skin care, banana is found to be useful. This is due to the high antioxidants and anti-aging properties found in the banana peel. In result, the peel of the banana can moisturise and nurture our skin. Simply, take a banana peel and rub it onto your skin, especially on the inflamed and troublesome areas. Allow it to stay on for about 30 minutes.

Eliminate skin warts

In case you have warts on your skin, you can quickly fix this problem using a banana peel. It will effectively get rid of the skin warts and prevent their future occurrence too.


Take a banana peel and rub it against the areas on your body which are causing pain. It has terrific analgesic properties.

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Treating psoriasis

Unfortunately, this is a skin illness that can not be completely cured with a banana peel. However, banana can still soothe the symptoms of psoriasis.

Losing weight

All of us know that bananas are rich in potassium. However, few individuals know that 40% of the potassium can be found in the banana peel. Potassium helps to speed up the metabolic process, so it provides you with the chance to burn more calories.

Moreover, the banana peel is also rich in other nutrients such as B vitamins, fibre and vitamin A. Fibre helps to make you feel fuller. Therefore, it is great for your weight loss regime.