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7 Men Characteristic Women Can’t Resist

Most of the time, women themselves don’t know exactly what type of men will attract them. Well, this is where science comes to the rescue! Researchers have actually discovered that there are 7 male qualities that many women undoubtedly will find attractive. Not all of them, of course, however, a large majority. From bushy beards to broad shoulders, here are 7 things women will get attracted to.


There is an ideal length of bristle that works for many ladies. However, a stubble of 10-days bristles development will look somewhere in between messy and hot. The study shows that this is the exact quantity of stubble that represents manliness and maturity. So, shaving is a no-no!

Deep Voice

It’s not a trick that women find deep voices appealing. After all, Barry White’s popularity happened for a reason. While this fact has become somewhat anecdotal over the years, science backs it up! Women are drawn towards a deeper voice and it just makes them tremble! The University College London has actually discovered another surprising truth: it’s not just a deep voice that women enjoy, it’s the deep voice with a touch of ‘breathiness’ to it that makes the total result more pleasing to the ears.

Broad Shoulders

Size does matter! At least when it concerns guys’ shoulders. While people are all about waist-to-hip ratio, ladies tend to focus on males’ shoulder-to-waist ratio. Studies exposed that for some women, shoulders are the most essential and most appealing part of a man’s body! As crazy as it might sound, don’t you think that men with broad shoulders do look incredibly manly.

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Guys In Red

Both men and ladies settle on one thing, red looks incredibly hot no matter who’s wearing it. Females in red dresses are certainly chic and attractive. However, guys in red suits are considered hot too! The University of Rochester has studied this phenomenon and found that women in all cultures and all over the world feel that they are easily drawn by guys wearing.


Symmetry is something all women take notice of, however on a subconscious level. This is due to the fact that women subconsciously think that this will lead to much healthier babies. A research study revealed that women who made love with proportional partners experienced more orgasms. Proportion rules!

No Smiling

Women are completely different when it comes to the expression of joy. The University of British Columbia has actually performed research study revealing that many ladies aren’t attracted to happy-looking and smiley men. What they do fall for is the mystical beauty!


All women love men with a beautiful jawline. And who can blame them? But it has to do with more than simply being handsome. Abertay University’s study revealed that facial beauty signified a healthy immune system and high levels of testosterone.

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