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7 Scientific Solutions To Make You Sleep Much Better

Your body needs excellent quality sleep just as much as it needs water and nutritious food. Without it, you can’t concentrate, your skin looks aged, you will be at danger for heart illness and diabetes, and it gets tough to lose extra weight.

This is simply not entirely due to our over-busy way of lives. Aches, pains, bad night routines and digestion concerns can all disrupt your sleep. Fortunately, there are numerous techniques you can utilise to make your every night a peaceful one. Below are 7 problems and we can help to sleep better at night.

Waking up in the middle of the night

Waking up in the middle of the night is usually connected to urination. Consuming diuretics such as coffee or alcohol too late in the day can affect your sleep but it can also be a sign of adrenal tiredness. If you’re experiencing cravings and a weak immune system, you might be facing adrenal fatigue.

If you are getting up isn’t connected to the bladder, it’s most likely because you’re too warm. The ideal temperature for sleep is actually much cooler than people believe. One study revealed that people will have a much better quality sleep at 16 degrees Celsius (60 Fahrenheit) than 20 or 24 degrees Celsius (68 F and 75 F). Therefore, use thinner pyjamas or blankets.

Congestion and stuffiness

If you cannot seem to breathe freely at night, then try to get rid of possible dust allergens and mould. This could be also a sign for you to purchase a new bed mattress, set of pillows or bedsheets.

If you are suffering from persistent blockage or are just feeling stuffy from a cold, try taking a hot shower and use this eucalyptus oil to clean up your nasal passages. You can also try our sinus-clearing trick.

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It takes forever to fall asleep

You need to avoid taking in any caffeine in the late afternoon or night. Secondly, decrease your screen time! A 2005 research study revealed that playing video games late at night will cause shorter sleep times. Sleep experts state that electronic screens disrupt our natural sleep patterns.

Try to restrict your screen time in the evenings, especially within 1 hour before bedtime. This includes e-readers, computer system screens, smart devices and television.

If the issue is more of a psychological and emotional one, you can try to relax stress and anxiety. Lots of people discover that journaling before bedtime helps to release unfavourable feelings and permits them to fall asleep faster.

Neck, shoulder or back pain

If you get up in bed having aches, then you would need to adjust your sleep position. To avoid neck pain, try sleeping with just one pillow rather of 2 or try testing out a pillow with different firmness. For back and shoulder discomfort, try sleeping on your back. If you prefer to sleep on your side, presuming the fetal position takes pressure off of your back.

If your mattress is more than 5 years of ages, you may consider changing it.

Leg cramps

Leg cramps are typically a sign of hidden body symptoms such as a magnesium or potassium deficiency or dehydration. Try putting on a more comfortable shoe throughout the day and consume a glass of water before bedtime. If these doesn’t help, talk with your doctor or a nutritionist regarding your diet plans or even supplements that you can take.

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If a leg cramp wakes you up, try staying up with both feet outstretched and point your toes towards your knees. You can also massage your muscles with mild circular strokes.

Restless leg syndrome

Yes, RLS and leg cramps are 2 different things. While leg cramps are agonising muscle spasms, restless leg syndrome is irritation, pain or tingling in the legs that make lying still almost intolerable. In advanced cases, the feeling can happen in the daytime while taking a seat.

While RLS isn’t really yet completely understood, a group of scientists developed a foot wrap that can ease the symptoms and make you sleep better. The foot cover targets pressure on 2 particular muscles, the abductor hallucis and the flexor hallucis. After testing for 8 weeks, the foot wrap helps to improve sleep significantly.

Herbs such as grape seed extract or Gingko Biloba can help to reduce the sensation of restlessness.

Acid reflux

Oily and spicy foods will cause heartburn. You can use this trick to check your stomach acid levels. Avoid eating supper too near to bedtime and drink a glass of water before heading to bed. If this doesn’t help, see your doctor find out what could be the underlying food digestion problem.

If you awaken with heartburn, rest on your left side. This is a quick way to calm the pain without having to take a single tablet. Raising your pillow can likewise assist minimise acid reflux.