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Get High Traffic For Your Podcast With These 8 Tips

Podcasting is a great way to showcase your character and your ideas out into the world. Though it’s far much easier to produce a regular podcast show than a video series or other kinds of online material. Podcasting still requires a lot of work especially if you desire to integrate professional audio quality to your audience. Fortunately, once you’ve conquered the preliminary time and financial investments that enter into devices and planning, all you require is a little commitment and spare time to get your program on the road.

Here are the 8 tips to get high traffic to your Podcast today:

Social media

When utilised appropriately, it works. Create a Facebook page so you can acquire fans. Start a Twitter account for fans. Connect like-minded individuals through LinkedIn and Google+ to let them understand you’re introducing a podcast. Social media is free so start using them.


Consistency is KEY when introducing your podcast. From the very start, let your audience know exactly what your release schedule will be. You will acquire faithful listeners by following this tip.

Use Snapchat & Instagram to your advantage

Given that the launch of Snapchat’s story function, we have been provided with a new behind the scenes check out our preferred stars or TV programs. Now, Instagram has the exact same feature. This improves the way our favourite brand names connect with us. Basically, this is the best tool you can use to offer your audiences real time updates.

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Post a YouTube video

Develop a two-minute video as you tape-record a sector of your show in front of the microphone. Why is this a tip? It is because each video can have its own description and keywords that will pull in more traffic. Logical right?

Use stand alone images

Most of our social media feeds are filled with images, videos or gifs. Develop an eye-catching image that will draw attention to your page. The stand alone image can be an image of your guest speaker, yourself or an important quote from the podcast.

Reshare again and again

Sharing episode updates on your social media channels is important. Keep in mind, everybody is linked through a social media channel. There is so much content streaming through everybody’s social feed that there is a possibility that your update was missed out on. Sharing numerous times a day or a couple of times a week will improve the possibilities that your post will be seen by your followers.

Share episode updates

It’s important that every time you create a new episode and upload it, you MUST share an update throughout your social networks accounts. This is important as it lets your listeners understand that there will be a brand-new content in your Podcast channel.

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Tease the audience

Often, Podcasters will share a little tease of their podcast 24 hours prior to the episode going live. They will share fun truths about their podcast visitor or things that they found out about the subject of their most recent podcast. Sharing a tease will boost your listener’s anticipation for a brand-new episode.