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8 Ways To Stay Focused In A Busy Office

It can be hard to stay focused in a busy and stressful office. There’s constantly something going on such as phone conversations or team meetings. Not to mention your coworkers coming near you to ask you for advice or work status. In fact, you don’t have to be available to your colleagues all the time! There are ways to keep yourself on the job while keeping others away from you at the same time.

A research study shows that 89% of employees admit that they are wasting their time at work. In this 89% of employees, 2% of them waste about 5 hours a day. Therefore, there is a chance a person is hanging around in your office getting paid and pretend to work.

Before we go over on how to keep yourself on the job, you might be questioning exactly what individuals are doing all day if they aren’t working. The study also discovered that:

  • A married worker was looking at a dating website on his computer system screen
  • A worker was taking care of her pet bird that she smuggled into work
  • A worker was shaving her legs in the females’ restroom
  • A worker was laying under boxes to scare people
  • A sleeping worker said that he was praying
  • A worker was altering clothes in a cubicle
  • A worker was printing off an ebook from the web
  • A staff was warming her bare feet using a hand dryer in the restroom
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Here are some ways to help you remain focus in your office.

Put on headphones

Headphones inform the world that I don’t want to be disturb. If you play your music loud enough as if it is your own personal desk concert, that will be a bonus!

Grow plants

Is she or he in the office today? Everybody will wonder and no one will know.

Practice quiet hours

If you cannot beat them, set strict rules so that they need to follow. Impose quiet time for a couple of hours a day to give everybody the possibility to pay attention. No chips or crunchy treats are allowed.

Change your environment

Outside impacts like air temperature, air quality, smells and colours can impact your focus. Purchase air filters, light fragrant candles and paint the walls around you in shades of blue.

Use personal privacy accessories

Pick up a computer personal privacy hoodie. This guarantees no will attempt to talk with you.

Compose a to-do list

Coworkers and clients will ask you to complete other high priority jobs that they need RIGHT THIS MINUTE. This is okay. The point is, for a few minutes while preparing up your to-do list, you will feel in charge of your life.

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Keep your desk organised

Keep your desk tidy and your mind uncluttered. Take a couple of minutes at the end of each day to clean your desk and to put things back where they belong.


Do not drink coffee

Simply be sure not to drink it within the very first 2 hours of waking up, as this is when your body’s natural adrenaline keeps you awake and coffee can disrupt this cycle. Never consume coffee after 1 pm as it can keep you from falling asleep at night.