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9 Great Business Ideas To Start In 2017

Are you looking for business ideas?

A current evaluation from Price Waterhouse Cooper sees UK development and customer costs slowing down. Despite this not-so-good news, there will still be chance and development in particular sectors. With this in mind, where do the business people believe there’s cash to be made in 2017?

Selling Cactus Water

Cactus waters have been declaring to have naturally-occurring electrolytes and powerful anti-oxidants. The launch of True Nopal by beverages huge company, Lucozade Ribena Suntory, will offer it a significant push from the organic food store to the retail shops.

Voice Technology Like Siri

Apple’s Siri processes 2 billion commands each week, while 20% of Google’s searches are done by Android handsets in the United States through voice commands. The Amazon Echo has actually made voice-driven tech a function for household setup.

Edible Insects For Snacks

Edible bugs like worms and crickets have been increasing proof that these insects make an excellent, sustainable, low-carb protein source. Many suppliers are getting more innovative by grinding them into a flour. Mexican chain, Wahaca, has actually included insects on its menus because 2013. Experts are anticipating more development in this insect consuming sector to replace meat in the near future.

Freelancing Business

The freelance economy grew to 55 million Americans this year or 35% of the nation’s employees. With an increasing mixture of white-collar and blue-collar employees going self-employed, experts anticipate the freelance industry will raise to ₤43 billion internationally by 2020.

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Absolutely No Waste Of Food

French grocery store chain, Intermarche, scorched a path in 2014 by offering ‘awful’ fruit and veggies at a 30% discount to their consumers. The UN Food and Agricultural Organisation figures reveal that 40% of fruit and veggies are throw away around the world, causing food wastages.

Data Security

A current Computer Weekly/TechTarget IT study discovered that while investing in on-site servers dropped drastically due to cloud computing, while mobile security is the leading security to invest on. Companies are looking for ways to prevent their data being less vulnerable from cyber attacks.

Be Like Slack

While e-mail is not going to die any time sooner, there is a significant drop on emails sent. Slack has actually been valued at US$2.8 billion, a figure that made Slack the fastest growing business-to-business technology in history.

Crowdfunding Platforms

Platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo are now the most popular crowdfunding platforms today. Analysts believe that the crowdfunding industry will be valued to be a US$34 billion market.

Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoins

With insecurity and unpredictability continuing to affect the world’s markets, stocks, bonds and properties are probably all either over-saturated or in dangerous bubbles. Some financial analysts see cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as an alternative sanctuary. A current report determined strong progress in the worth of Bitcoin since 2016. With unpredicted events for 2017 such as Brexit, Trump and refugees, any event could cause a slump in the market.

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