About Us

Mission Story

Many companies have their own dreams, mission and stories to tell. That’s why we are born.

Stories are created every day by people from around the world. That’s why we created The Now Story. Born in Singapore on late 2016, we write every day interesting stories to entertain our readers and connect with them.

Our Social Channels

Not everybody is the exactly same. So, we do things differently for our different groups of readers.

The Now Story has a series of social media channels catered for different interest groups. By doing this, we are offering a variety of channels to keep our readers entertained and well-informed.




Our Future

We are small. We will have a bigger story to tell.

TheNowStory.com is growing. We hope you can be part of our first million viewers.

Work With Us

Are you ready to create your success story?

Whatever business you are, we want to be part of your story. Drop us an email if you have any enquiries and our team will help you.

General Enquiries
Want us to cover your events and even write about your business, please email to hello[at]thenowstory.com.

Creating Video
Looking for a company to create videos for your business or products? Please email to video[at]thenowstory.com.

For all advertisement enquiries please email us at advertise[at]thenowstory.com.