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Adult Toys Are Now Available On Burger King’s Valentine’s Day

Fifty Shades now comes to Israel’s Burger King

On a junk food diet this Valentine’s Day?

Burger King has your back because of beginning at 6 p.m. on Feb. 14, Israeli Burger King outlets are whipping out their Valentine’s Adult Meal.

The sensually self-indulgent combo meal includes 2 Whoppers, two orders of french fries and a pair of beers. All that comes crammed in a box lit up in late-night neon, along with an “adult toy”.

Yup, we are talking about ADULT TOYS! Let’s see exactly what are the adult toys included:

There is a feather duster, a satin sleep mask and a “scalp massager” don’t really rank highly on anybody’s list of X-rated adult toys. However, couples will be better served if they save the sex swings for a night that does not involve stubborn bellies loaded with Whoppers.

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