Apple iPhone 8 Might Have Facial Recognition Function

Apple’s new iPhone 8 might come with a face recognition technology. If that is so, we can quickly unlock our phones by using facial scans. Using the same innovation of infrared sensing technology, we may quickly see Apple products with gesture-based sensing.

Well, this facial recognition system is entirely different from the internal facial recognition found in our iPhone photo library. Instead, it utilises infrared sensing for facial scan and acknowledgement.

In a note created by expert Timothy Arcuri, he states that “other features appear to consist of some kind of facial or gesture recognition supported by a new laser sensing unit and an infrared sensor placed near the front-facing camera as well as wireless charging.”

In October 2016, Apple revealed that they endured their initial sales decline since 2011, especially in Apple iPhone. Whatever are the new functions in the upcoming iPhone release in September 2017, we could anticipate them to be headline worthy.

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