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Deadly Secret Revealed: GMOs, Cigarettes, or Diet Soda?

Well, here is a debate for the ages: Which will provide you cancer quicker: consuming GMO foods, cigarette smoking, or drinking diet sodas?

Now, when speaking of GMO foods, as you may have currently pictured, they are actually much worse than exactly what we have been lead to believe. No long term studies have actually even been done concerning the safety of GMO foods. Even the World Health Organization just asks for 90 days of screening to declare that GMOs are safe. Nobody ever died after smoking for 90 days, now did they? Lifetime research studies have yet to be finished on humans, many scientists have actually done long-term studies on animals.

Mice that were fed a 33 percent GMO diet all passed away at an early age, an equivalent to 40 or 50 years in human terms. In fact, these lab mice all established aggressive types of cancer, kidney failure, as well as liver failure. The issue with identifying the “ease” at which people could get cancer from GMO foods is an uphill struggle given that GMO foods are not identified. Should someone get cancer, GMO makes can constantly claim it was from something else, given that nobody would be able to prove that they were consuming GMO foods! Because the intro of GMOs, persistent illness and lots of cancers have skyrocketed. Does anybody actually believe this is a coincidence?

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Another group of individuals would inform you that it’s actually the sweetening agents in diet plan sodas. Diet plan sodas are like the Trojan horses of producers, as they taste so innocently sweet nobody would think they trigger cancer until they do.

Everybody in this day and age understands that cigarette smoking will ultimately result in some kind of cancer or emphysema. Did you know that about 90 percent of tobacco sold today is GMO tobacco? That’s a truth. Discuss a double whammy! Cigarettes and GMO in one plan!

Once again, some people will inform you that consuming GMOs, with their inbred pesticides that eliminate everything that consumes them, including rats and pests, need to be a killer in the end. How can anybody consume pesticides and NOT think that they will get cancer?

Think of then the folks who are smoking their cigs throughout the day, gulping down diet plan soda, and eating GMO foods for supper? Their life clock is on a brief timer for particular!

Some individuals would be quick to point out that the tobacco in cigarettes is understood to trigger cancer, and the 7,000 or two chemical ingredients make sure to eliminate you quite darn fast.

Now it’s real, cancer cells like an acidic environment where the cells are not getting adequate oxygen or nutrients. Many studies have shown that aspartame causes birth defects, brain damage, a state of mind conditions, and worst of all, cancer. And does not this sound like a chemical that can cause cancer?

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Which would cause cancer? Which of these three is the worst? Which of these will kill you? Do we actually have to understand? Being eliminated by any among these, whether it’s faster or slower, they are still going to eliminate you. So be clever! Don’t drink cancer, do not smoke cancer, and do not consume cancer! If you smoke, stop! Make a vow to just eat foods identified organic if you aren’t sure whether or not you are eating GMOs. Stop today if you drink diet anything! Just you can take actions towards a much healthier you and prevent cancer triggering compounds.