Misfit Phase: Next Elegant Smartwatch

If 2015 was the year of the smartwatch, 2016 belonged to the analogue smartwatch. Fossil has actually played a significant duty here, getting started on a year-long objective to supply 100 wearables.

Now Misfit, which was bought over by Fossil in 2015, is providing its very first wrist watch and also it’s simple to see where the design concepts are originated from.

The Misfit Phase is a hybrid smartwatch, which means that it has no screen. However, it will inform you to alerts through vibrations and also track your motion and rest.

Appearances seem to be the main focus and we believe a big component of the decision over whether the Phase is right for you will boil down to this. So, keep reading to discover what we believed the Misfit Phase will be.


Misfit has always made good looking wearables and the company truly refined its craft on the Misfit Ray. The Phase has a much less “traditional” appearance compared to watches like the Skagen Hagen Connected. Nevertheless, it’s still one of the most elegant wearables to try this year.

At 41mm face isn’t really large. However, with the only one size to pick from, it may not be for individuals who prefer smaller watches. It is also waterproof up to 50 metres.

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The Phase is delivering now in a variety of versions. The silver with white sporting activity band and navy with navy sporting activity band designs are a week behind. The cost of the Phase varies from $175 to $195 depending upon your selection of silicon or leather band, making it Misfit’s most pricey device yet.

On the right side of the watch are 2 buttons. The first button will show what percent of your task goal you have achieved and with a second press, it will show your alarm. The bottom button is for ‘Link’. This allows you to connect to other devices and performs tasks such as songs playback on your phone and taking a picture with your phone.

At the stainless-steel back, you will discover 2 dimples. It requires a tool to open up the back and reveal the coin cell battery. The battery will last about every 6 months.

Smart attributes

Analogue smart watches have a challenge in exactly how they share information to the user. The Misfit Phase does neither. However, the Phase reveals different colours.

Each colour stands for a different kind of notification such as a phone call and Facebook messages. You could assign different notification colour to the different application too. For texts as well as phone calls, you can assign a chosen number. When a notification comes in, the Phase will certainly indicate signal who it is from.

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Certainly, there is no chance of seeing what the notification says as you will still need to pull out your phone out of your pocket.

Activity tracking

The Phase adopts the exact same Misfit sensing units you will find in the Ray and Phase 2. The watch tracks movements, travelled distance, calories burned and your sleep.

Like many of Misfit’s other wearables, you can label certain activities in the application and tell it just how energetic they were through the Misfit app. After that, it will add to your task timeline for that day as Misfit puts its algorithms to work.