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Why Every Woman Must Own A L’Oreal’s Smart Hairbrush?

Today, most of the companies are focusing on technological innovation in their existing products. Everything is going intelligent and smart, from your toothbrush to your television. Nowadays, most of these “smart” products are usually fail projects. However, L’Oreal’s smart hairbrush is a spectacular addition to the trend of smart gadgets. Withings and Kerastase—L’Oreal’s professional products—have innovated a hairbrush which can provide you in-depth details and information on the health of your hair.

The Kerastase Hair Coach Powered by Withings can record your daily brushing practices, all through a smartphone app. The app will give a detailed breakdown of your hair’s health and tips on how you can improve your hair health condition. There is a microphone attached to the hair brush that will listen to the sound of your brushing. After which, it will detect using a pre-fed database on whether are you following a correct or incorrect pattern.

Using the built-in three-axis load sensor, it adds the functionality of measuring the brushing force on your hair and scalp. It can also provide real-time haptic feedback if you are brushing your hair too hard. An accelerometer and gyroscope attached will help to count your brush strokes during your daily routine, and there are conductivity sensors in the bristles which will notify you whether your hair is dry or wet.

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All this data is sent to your smartphone either over Wifi or Bluetooth, along with other key environmental data such as temperature, UV, humidity and wind. This information helps you style your hair according to the local weather forecast and also gives you an overall hair quality score. The smart hair brush is priced about $200 USD and the company hopes that they can roll out this product by the mid of 2017.