How Sentosa Island Charms Tourist Around The World?

The tiny nation of Singapore is comprised of the main island with 60 over smaller islands. A few of these islands have become tourist attractions and resorts, especially Sentosa Island, dubbed as the playground of Singapore.

The primary island of Singapore has a total land area of 682 sq km or 263 sq miles. Although Singapore is not really blessed with natural beauty as compared to other island destinations like the Hawaii in the USA, through its creative city and nature preparation, a holiday trip in Singapore is filled with fun, enjoyment and pleasant surprises.


Singapore’s strategic area, exceptional infrastructure, fascinating cultural contrasts and traveller destinations contribute to its success as a leading destination for travellers on holiday vacations or on company travels.

Sentosa Island is a themed traveller attraction. It is a one-stop tropical island resort, a nature park and cultural heritage. This tropical island in the sun is simply minutes away from the city and is available by ferries, cable car or by road.

Sentosa Island resort is a 390 hectare or 964-acre recreational jewel charms with a smorgasbord of tourist attractions and recreation. Sentosa used to be a fishing village turned British military base, and after that was transformed into a picturesque island resort in 1972 and today, it is the need to go to location for any tourist in Singapore.

When you step on the coasts of Sentosa, you can find your very own niche interest amongst the many exciting traveller destinations. Singapore’s rich history and culture comes alive clearly, you can discover home entertainment by day and night, check out the rich green tropical rainforest, picnic on sprawling manicured gardens, bewildered by dancing water fountains and or have a putting game at the 2 global championship 18-hole golf courses with scintillating views of the sea and hills.

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If romping on the beach is your cup of tea, then you can play amazing beach games and sea sports along the 3.2-km or 1.5 mile long sandy beaches extending across Siloso, Palawan and Tanjong. You can also delight in biking, canoe or in-line skating, or just simply unwind at the numerous beach pubs.

In recent years, Sentosa has actually likewise acquired global fame for holding a few of Singapore’s a lot of amazing themed events like the Sentosa Sandsation (an international sand sculpting event), Black Moon Foam Parties, Zouk Out Dance Festival and Sentosa’s annual Countdown Parties!


As for nature lovers, keep a lookout for friendly peacocks, squirrels and monkeys or take a nature walk along the Nature Walk/Dragon Trails through a secondary rainforest and drop in the vantage point on the top of Mount Imbiah for a breathtaking view of the surrounding islands.

Then check out The Underwater World (substantial marine fish tank) and Dolphin Lagoon to fulfil the friendly pink dolphins and other exciting marine animals. You can also admire over 2,500 butterflies from over 50 types and uncommon pests like the man-face bugs, stick bugs, giant millipedes, scorpions and rhino beetles at the Butterfly Park and the Insect Kingdom.

You should pay a see to Fort Siloso while in Sentosa if you are a history enthusiast. Integrated in the 1880s, Fort Siloso acted as the last bastion of the British Empire armed forces throughout the Japanese occupation of Singapore during the Second World War. Explore the other historical enclave on top of Mt Imbiah where the remains of a previous British weapons battery lie.


For adrenaline pumping excitement, take a thrilling flight at Cinemania which is an interactive simulation theatre. Prepare to shriek your lungs out!

The celebration at Sentosa comes to life at sunset. Take an evening walk through the charming Fountain Gardens, bathed in fairy lights or increase to the top of The Merlion or Dragon Court to look at the glittering skyline.

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The Musical Fountain, Dance of Fire and Water Show uses an incredible light and sound experience after dark. The latest laser technology is combined with movie and 3-D animated images, choreographed to a ballet of dancing water fountains, multi-sensory music and lights.

There are numerous kinds of hotels and lodging if you decide to stay overnight at Sentosa Island Resort. Hotel and accommodation choices varying from five-star resort hotels such as The Sentosa Resort & Spa, Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort and Sijori Resort to inexpensive holiday villas like Sentosa Holiday Chalets and NTUC Sentosa Beach Resort and budget campgrounds. The majority of the high-end hotel and resorts have centres such as resort day spas, massages, pool and fitness centres with individual trainers.

Food is never an issue as there are broad selections of food and drink restaurants, food courts and fast food outlets. Travelling to Singapore for your holiday vacation? Do not miss out on spending a day or two at Sentosa Island resort.

Sentosa Island is a themed traveller destination. If you are a history enthusiast, then you need to pay a check out to Fort Siloso while in Sentosa. There are different types of hotels and accommodation if you select to stay overnight at Sentosa Island Resort. Hotel and accommodation options ranging from luxury resort hotels such as The Sentosa Resort & Spa, Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort and Sijori Resort to affordable holiday getaway houses like Sentosa Holiday Chalets and NTUC Sentosa Beach Resort and budget plan campsites. Do not miss out on investing a day or 2 at Sentosa Island resort.