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Would You Pay $10,900 For A Bunch Of Grapes?

Japan Grapes, Ruby Roman, is auctioned at $10,900.

A bunch of grapes in Japan cost $10,900 on Thursday, a record price for the range in the fruit-obsessed nation.

Seasonal fruit offerings in Japan consistently bring in huge sums from purchasers seeking social eminence, or from store owners desiring to attract clients over the high-flying edibles.

The buyer of Thursday’s bunch of about 30 Ruby Romans, who paid about $360 per grape, revealed no wrath, assuring to administer samples to a couple of lucky patrons.

“These are genuinely Ruby Roman gems,” bidder Takamaru Konishi from western Japan told media.

“We will show them at our store prior to providing our customers with a sample taste,” he stated.

Even to the untrained eye, the super-sweet grapes, which is as big as a ping pong ball, stand above their more budget-friendly grapes, which is easily available in grocery stores in other places worldwide.

The 1.1 million-yen sale begins the auction season for Ruby Romans in Japan. Other fruits, from apples to watermelons, can likewise fetch jaw-dropping amounts under the hammer.

Fruit is relatively pricey in Japan and it is not uncommon for a single apple to cost as much as $3.

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