How LEGO Teases Upcoming Batman Movie

This is sooooooo funny!

The LEGO Movie has a surprise movie coming up, LEGO Batman, that wound up being prominent LEGO sequel in favour of a dedicated LEGO Batman flick. We’ll be seeing that flick struck cinemas in the near future, but ahead of it comes a new featurette called “Behind the Bricks,” a faux behind the curtain video beginning LEGO Batman himself with some exciting shots of the upcoming flick.

The featurette opens up with some unabashed extolling The LEGO Movie’s staged success and also Batman’s own starring duty in it. This is gone along with by a remarkably suitable soundtrack and saturated, dazzling pictures. Not also 20 secs right into the video, as well as the LEGO Batman movie looks like something definitely worth going to see.

We take a look at LEGO Batman and his amazing, crime-fighting life, along with Alfred Pennyworth and the giant lobster he’s food preparation for supper. Still not outstanding enough? There’s a substantial exclusive Bat-swimming pool with its own friendly dolphins, and also Robin playing around the Wayne mansion making a minor nuisance of himself.

There’s an appearance at Barbara Gordon, her father, a little bit of Gotham and the ‘brand-new’ city featured in the LEGO Batman film. The motion picture will certainly show up in movie theatres on February 10.

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