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This Mum Knows The Secret In Getting Her Kid To Eat Vegetables

Every parent understands the challenges of getting their kid to eat something healthy for their meals. Kids are frequently fussy eaters and a lot of the time, they simply want junk food and sweets. Getting them to consume vegetables, fruits or even a bowl of salad can sometimes feel an impossible task. Saying “open up your mouth, an aeroplane is about to land” does not work after some time. Eventually, kids know that THAT’s not a plane but a spoon loaded with veggies. So exactly what are the mums and dads supposed to do then?

Laleh Mohmedi figured out that if you make a meal appearance look fascinating for the kid, they will consume it, even if it’s green beans. One day, she decided to make pancakes which look like a lion. Her kid liked it! After this, she has been attempting to make her boy’s meals into cartoon characters.

You may believe that it takes a lot of time to prepare these culinary cartoon masterpieces. However, Laleh states that it really does not take longer than a typical meal. Her secret is all about preparation. If Laleh decides to make pasta, she will get all the active ingredients prepared and while the sauce is cooking, she will utilise that time to organise the rest of the active ingredients on the plate.

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Certainly, you might not be able to make Elsa from Frozen using fettuccine on your very first shot. However, Mrs Mohmedi advised you to begin easy and with time and practice, you will improve. Plus, you can get your kid involved and it will be enjoyable for both of you.

Time is what that will cost you on food art. Laleh states that her son looks forward to his meals every day. In fact, you do not need to make every meal appear like a work of art, but doing it once a while can be an excellent encouragement for the kid.