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Never Ignore These Important Dream Symbols

When people think of evaluating their dreams, they normally think of psychics with crystal balls or dream dictionaries while a Freud-like psychologist tells them exactly what their dreams indicate.

However, dream analysis is none of these things. In fact, it’s actually a valuable way to better understand yourself. Here are 7 important dream symbols you should never ignore.


Flying in a dream is normally categorised as a lucid dream. These kinds of dreams are an awakening call from your subconscious mind. Flying can indicate you are having troubles in your waking life that you are aiming.


Some part of your personality or character is trying to connect with you. That’s what a ringing phone. If you do not answer the ringing phone, it might be that you are deciding to overlook these messages.


Water in your dreams has the tendency to show your aspiration in life. If you keep dreaming about the ocean, it might be time to take on larger chances and take dangers. If you dream of shallow streams and little ponds, it might be an indication you are over-reaching.


Dreaming about boxes means that you feel there is something concealed away from you. An empty box probably indicates a sense of disappointment. If you dreamt of many boxes, it indicates that you are facing some problems processing your feelings and you want to hide them away.

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A dream with the moon in it indicates a concealed, unseen, or maybe a little revealed imaginative side of you that is attempting to escape.


Blooming flower suggests that new opportunities will soon present themselves. Sprouting flowers may suggest that some of the seeds you have sewn are about to spring to life. Dead flowers suggest a chapter of your life might be ending.


Roadways are a sign of your journey through life. If you dream of a clear, paved road or path, you may see your journey moving forward as quite basic. If it is a dirty and foggy road, it means that you are having some fear about your future.