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Photographs Of Underwater Dogs By Seth Casteel

These photographs are hilarious!

If you’ve got a pet dog then you’ll know that for the majority of them jumping into the water to fetch their prized ball is the best time ever. Thanks to photographer Seth Casteel we get to see what they look like underwater.

Casteel, who owns 2 canines of his own (a mini Labradoodle and a Norwich terrier), said that he’s drawn to underwater dog photography because the pictures reveal a cute side of dogs that individuals might have never ever seen prior to.

Regardless of the success of these photos, Casteel, who has a calendar, “Ruff” coming out soon and is in talks with publishers and representatives for a book. Stated that for him, it’s everything about the artwork.

He also shared whether or not he should invest thousands of dollars to buy the waterproof casing for his camera.

Here are Casteel hilarious photos of pet dogs fetching ball underwater.

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