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Snapbot By Snapchat Is Here, But Not In Singapore Yet.

Find out where Snapbot vending machine will be going next.

The latest generation of wearable tech is here and it’s called the Snapchat Spectacles. The app that allows you to send out short video messages to friends, now has a physical item to support this wearable. The Snapchat Spectacles aren’t your usual and everyday sunglasses. This wearable has a camera on the side that enables you to record up to 10-seconds of video and post it to Snapchat. Each pair goes for $130 and can be found in an assortment of colors, like black and teal. We bet the trendiest millennials will love these Snapchat Spectacles.

Finding a set of Snapchat Spectacles in the world can be quite a journey and they can cost you between $300 and $1000 on ebay. In order to purchase a pair from Snapchat Spectacles, you either have to go to NYC and visit their pop-up shop on 59th st, or find a Snapbot. Snapbots are intense yellow vending machines that can turn up throughout the world. Snapchat even dumped one at the bottom of the Grand Canyon!

If you desire to check out a Snapbot, get all set to wait on a huge line. In NYC, individuals are waiting six hours in the cold simply to obtain one in their hands.

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Discovering a Snapbot is a lot much easier than you would believe. Every 48 hours, a brand-new Snapbot is put someplace in the world. When the Snapbot shuts down for the day, a 24-hour counter begins on the Spectacles website. When the countdown reaches zero, the location of the next Snapbot will appear.