Sony Releases Second Generation E-Paper Display Watches

Sony surprised everyone with their latest second generation wearables.

During the IFA 2016, tech geeks and fashion lovers witnessed the announcement of Sony e-paper watches. Now, Sony is back with their the second-generation of the wearable. CES 2017 is the platform Sony has chosen to showcase their brand-new e-ink FES watch. Just like the previous FES Watch, the 2nd generation watches also uses low-power e-paper technology but now comes with amazing designs.

Sony’s original FES Watch

The original FES Watch came true after Sony’s crowdfunding goal on their internal financing website First Flight. Instead of monitoring your sleep or tracking your workout, the FES Watch was all about personalization. Thanks to the ultra-low power requirements, Sony stated the FES Watch would run for around two years on a single coin cell.

Sony’s Second Generation FES Watch

Sony’s engineering team manages to get rid of the disadvantages of the first variation wearable. Therefore, this new watch is not restricted to simply display only black and white. As you can see in the images, brand-new e-ink watches feature colours as well as brand-new patterns. Apart from that, Sony was successful in making the device incredibly thin compared to it’s previous. It can change patterns and produce colours like blue and grey.

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Sony has just developed the model of their brand-new e-paper watch. Mass production of the gadget will start soon and it will be available in the market for sale in the coming months. Beautiful don’t they?