Top 10 Horrors Of Aztec Rituals

One hundred years prior to its fall, the Aztec Empire went through an extraordinary modification. The emperor’s kid, Tlacaelel, stated that the god of war, Huitzilopochtli, was to be the greatest of all gods.

After that, the Aztecs resided in service of the god of war. Human sacrifice ended up being an enormous part of Aztec society, with numerous countless individuals butchered each year as offerings to the gods.


They Staged Wars Just To Get Human Sacrifices

The Aztecs’ magnificent task was to fill the pressing hunger of their gods through human sacrifice. Normally, the Aztecs utilised opponents whom they had actually beat in war as offerings. There were just so numerous wars to be battled and just so numerous opponents to record. They required more victims.

The Aztecs negotiated to utilise the surrounding city-state of Tlaxcala like a farm for human beings. The 2 armies arranged staged fights simply to catch detainees for human sacrifice.

It was a shared contract by both sides. The losing army would not sob or grumble about their fate. They comprehended that this was their part of the deal, and they would permit themselves to be caused their deaths.


Some People Volunteered

To the brave, ending up being a human sacrifice to the gods was an honour. When the Spanish came and attempted to totally free Aztec detainees, some were furious that they had actually been robbed of the honour of a godly death.

It wasn’t simply opponent soldiers who ended up under a ritualistic knife. Lawbreakers and debtors were likewise sent out to the altar in disgrace. Others registered excitedly, desiring the honour of craving their gods. By custom, entire groups of women of the streets voluntarily registered to be compromised to the goddess of love.

Throughout a dry spell, some Aztecs turned to offering their kids into slavery for 400 ears of maize. If the kids didn’t work well, they might be offered once again. And if a servant was offered two times, they might end up being a present to the gods.

The Festival Of Toxcatl

Throughout the month of Toxcatl, one guy was picked for a unique honour based upon his appearances. He required smooth, slim skin and long, straight hair. For the next year, this guy would be dealt with like a god.

He would be dressed up like the god Tezcatlipoca. His skin would be painted black, and he would use a flower crown, a seashell breastplate, and great deals of precious jewellery.

The guy would be provided 4 lovely better halves to do with as he pleased. He was just asked to stroll through the town playing the flute and smelling flowers so that individuals might honour him.

When 12 months had actually passed, he would stroll up the stairs of a terrific pyramid, breaking his flutes as he reached the top. As an adoring crowd seen, a priest would assist him to rest on a long altar made from stone. They ‘d rip his heart out of his body.

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Later, they would select a brand-new Tezcatlipoca and begin all over once again.

The Ritual Of Sacrifice

Generally, a victim would be required to the top of a terrific pyramid and put down over a sacrificial stone. A priest would dominate him, holding a knife with a blade of volcanic glass. That blade would boil down upon the victim’s chest and break it open, and the priest would remove his still-beating heart.

The priest would hold the heart up high for all to see. He would rush it to pieces versus the sacrificial stone. The lifeless body would be rolled down the actions of the pyramid, where butchers were waiting listed below to dismember the body piece by piece.

The skull would be gotten rid of and put on a rack together with the skulls of the other compromised dead. The flesh from the body would be prepared into meals and fed to the nobles.

Feasting Upon Human Flesh

The bodies of the compromised were frequently baked with corn and shared amongst the priests for a banquet. Other times, enough was gotten ready for the entire city, and everyone present would take part in a shared act of ceremonial cannibalism. The bones were then made into tools, musical instruments, and weapons.

A minimum of one meal they utilised in these events still exists today: pozole. In the time of the Aztecs, this was a soup prepared with thigh of a compromised detainee and served to the emperor.

Today, the meal is made with pork rather of human flesh, however, the taste is basically the very same. When the Christians required the Aztecs to change to pig meat, they reported that it tasted much like humans.

The Inauguration Of The Great Pyramid

Not every sacrifice was regular. There were remarkable times when things were done in a different way. In some cases, the approaches were various. Other times, the distinction was the large volume.

The best was throughout the reconsecration of the Great Pyramid of Tenochtitlan. The Aztecs had actually invested years developing the temples in their capital city, and in 1487, the Great Pyramid was total. They held an enormous event to inaugurate their fantastic temple– and butchered an amazing variety of individuals.

The Aztecs declared that they compromised 84,000 individuals over a duration of 4 days. Throughout the reign of the Aztecs, an approximated 250,000 individuals were compromised throughout Mexico throughout a typical year.

The Festival Of The Flaying Of Men

Among the most troubling Aztec celebrations was called Tlacaxipehualiztli (” The Festival of the Flaying of Men”). This was an event committed to the Aztec god Xipe Totec, whose name implies “The Flayed One.”

Forty days prior to the celebration, one male has approved the honour to dress like The Flayed One. He was covered in red plumes and golden gems and invested 40 days honoured as a god. On the day of the celebration, he and 8 other impersonators of gods were brought to the top of the temples and eliminated.

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The priests skinned the bodies of the compromised males in a replica of a plant shedding its husk. The skin was then coloured yellow to appear like gold. Some skins were offered to priests, who danced in them. Other skins were offered to boys, who invested the next 20 days pleading while curtained in a loose coat of human flesh.

Compromise Through Gladiatorial Combat

Throughout The Festival of the Flaying of Men, some males were provided with the possibility to protect themselves. To live, however, they needed to beat the best Aztec champs in armed battle– and the chances were not even.

The sacrificial warriors were led onto a circular stone called a temalacatl. They were permitted to bring wood weapons that were a little bit more than toys. Holding a stick whittled into the shape of a blade, these males enjoyed as the best Aztec champs marched out, equipped to the teeth.


Inning accordance with Aztec legends, one male called Tlahuicol really made it through. With absolutely nothing, however, a wood sword, he solitarily eliminated 8 totally equipped Aztec warriors. The Aztecs were delighted, and they used to make him the leader of their army.

Their deal, he informed them, was an insult. Tlahuicol was suggested for a far higher fate. He was to be compromised to the gods.

The Death Of Twins

The Aztecs had odd and typically inconsistent beliefs about twins. Their misconceptions had lots of twins, generally dealt with as venerated divine beings deserving of the praise of guy. Twins appeared in their stories as beast slayers, heroes, as well as the developers of the world.

Genuine twins, however, were treated with total contempt. They had one god, Xolotl, for both warped kids and twins due to the fact that the Aztecs thought about twins to be a warped kid.

They saw twins as a mortal risk to their mums and dads. Enabling twin children to live would imply completion of your life. Most mums and dads picked one of their child twins and sent it back to the gods.

The Sacrifice Of Children

At the heart of the Aztec capital, Tenochtitlan, were twin temples. At the peak of the one devoted to Tlaloc, the Aztecs held the most horrible and saddest routine of them all.

Tlaloc was the god of rain and lightning– and he required kids.

Throughout the late cold weather called Atlcahualo, the Aztecs would bring kids to the temple of Tlaloc and require them to stroll up the actions. The kids were not prepared volunteers, and they wept as they increased. If the kids sobbed, the Aztecs thought that Tlaloc would bless them with rain. If the kids did not weep on their own, the grownups would make them.

When it was done, the kids were brought into a cavern beyond the town. They were laid in a circle under an open roofing. There, under the outdoors, the rain produced by their sacrifice would sprinkle down upon their bodies.