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The Truth About Menstrual Synchrony

Is this fact or fiction?

In 1971, Martha McClintock, a young graduate student, published an article called “Menstrual Synchrony and Suppression” in the science journal Nature. Her study population was the women in her dormitory. Her findings stated that over time, women who cohabited together will have the tendency to have their menstrual cycle together. In short, this means menstrual synchrony.

What is menstrual synchrony?

In layman terms, menstrual synchrony means that women’s menstrual cycles “sync up” together when they stayed and interact together most of the times. Their cycle start time will be the same, so do their duration.

How Does Menstrual Synchrony Work?

Nobody truly knows why, what and how menstrual synchrony takes place. There have actually been numerous research studies as to why women residing together may “synch up.” Scientists believe that women, who have more power scents, may launch pheromones that might cause menstrual synchrony. This is just a theory!

Other researchers have actually stated that menstrual synchrony might have something to do with women synching up with the lunar stages. Today, many women still claim that their cycles are managed by the stages of the moon. Currently, there is no clinical proof to support the idea that scents or the moon impact the ladies’s menstrual cycle durations.

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Fact or Fiction?

While McClintock’s research study was at one point widely accepted, many modern researchers doubt her studies. They believe that she did not have a large enough research study sample to conclude her work.

Today, menstrual synchrony still lays somewhere between fact and fiction, with lots of ladies claim to have actually experienced this phenomenon. However, there is little scientific evidence to support those who have declared menstral synchrony.

One explanation as to why women’s cycles start to overlap is because a woman’s menstruation can vary anywhere from 28 to 35 days. Over time, women on various menstrual frequencies will coincide. This happens purely by opportunity, and has absolutely nothing to do with scents or lunar stages.