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Want To Save More Money? Start With These Tiny Bags Today. 

These tiny bags are gold.

When we purchase our new footwear, usually these boxes include bags full of silicon dioxide or silica. Most of us would usually think that these little packets of silica are useless right? In fact, these tiny bags can be put into good use and help you save money in long term! 
Read on and also discover ways to use these white/yellow granules around your house!

Put them in Your Wardrobe

Using these little bags in the wardrobe can help to prevent dampness. Furthermore, they stop the bad odour which goes hand in hand with moisture.

Extend the Shelf-Life of Your Makeup

Placing one of these bags into your make-up box will certainly prevent moisture in your powder makeup, which subsequently extend its shelf-life.

Recover Your Water-Damaged Phone

The use of silicon dioxide could restore your water-damaged phone. If you find your own smartphone soaked with water, use 4 – 5 silica gel bags to soak up the water. This will make your phone dry in no time.

Maintain Your Exercise Equipment Dry

Offered the fact that silica absorbs moisture, keeping silica bags into your training bag together with the exercise gear stops germs spreading. These bags eliminate the bad smell and also maintain the bag tidy and dry!

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