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Will WhatsApp Kill SnapChat With Status?

Facebook’s WhatsApp rolling out own version of Snapchat.

WhatsApp, which is acquired by Facebook 2 years ago for a whopping $19 billion, now has a new feature called Status. Introduced on February 20, this new feature will allow users to update their statuses with time-limited photos, videos, scribbles and GIFs. Today, Whatsapp is more in advance than ever.

WhatsApp has made many helpful adjustments over the years such as including read receipts functionality, user tagging, end-to-end file encryption, customisable text status and WhatsApp Web.

What is Status?

Status allows WhatsApp users to share pictures, videos, emojis, sketches as well as GIFs as status updates. These updates will vanish after 24 hours and will also be secured end-to-end like Whatsapp text messages. Sounds like Snapchat right?

This new function will be readily available to all iOS and Android users.

Where to location Status function?

Users will see an icon between ‘Calls’ and ‘Chats’ on the navigation bar of their WhatsApp home-screen. The usual text status upgrade function will remain separate.

How it works

Once you have caught a picture or video you wish to share, you are taken to an interface that is a virtual photoshop. Here, you can scribble on the captured file, add emojis and add a caption below explaining the content.

Once your Status is created, you can manage who sees it by defining in your Privacy Settings. You can find who, from your contacts, has seen your Status on a ‘View Counter’ at the bottom of the screen.

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Clicking on the Status tab, you will see a horizontal list of all your contacts with updated Statuses. Swipe right or left to scroll through the list, tap to pause, or swipe on a Status to respond to it.

What you need to know about WhatsApp

According to Bloomberg, WhatsApp currently has over 1 billion month-to-month users with over 60 billion messages send and received every day. This consists of 3 billion photos, 750 million videos and 80 million GIFs. Today, WhatsApp has turned from an everyday messaging tool to a platform which users go to for entertainment.

Will Snapchat suffer?

Snapchat already has a real problem ever since the release of Instagram Stories in 2016. Snap Inc. has currently seen an 82% drop-off in user development. WhatsApp has not fundamentally changed its main core feature, which is messaging, but it will definitely take a slice of Snapchat’s pie.

If Whatsapp Status truly affects Snap Inc, it could further hinder the global growth and revenue opportunities for the company.